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High End Corporate BBQs

Some of you already know that we have a BBQ division that does a small amount of catering and cooking for events.  What you don’t know is that through that division we have built up a reputation of being the go to place to ask BBQ questions on everything from “What BBQ should I buy and where should I buy it?” to “How do I cook these pork ribs?”  Well starting now, we can say that the BBQ you should buy is a Pitboss Grill and you should buy it from us!  Starting today we are an authorized reseller of Pitboss Grills, Louisiana Grills and Country Smokers.  We are carrying stock of some of our favorite models of Pitboss in our warehouse and can bring in all the other brands on demand.

We have been carrying lines of BBQ sauces for years such as “Get Sauced” and with this new addition you can take your BBQ party to a whole new level by putting your logo on a BBQ that cooks with real wood fire.  These grills are great for keeping at the office for company BBQ’s but also great as a years of service gift for one of your long-standing employees or as a sales award for hitting a sales threshold.

They say the longest lasting promotional pieces are high value gifts.  If you want a low or medium value gift that lasts in someone’s life for a long time then give them a beach towel or a pair of socks (they can last up to 7 years in someone’s closet or drawer), but high value gifts can last significantly longer than that.  Most people replace their BBQ every 10-15 years, so the gift of a BBQ will last a long time.  It will also make your logo the center of attention, I often find people gathering around my grill at events and parties asking me all kinds of questions about my grill and where I got it.

So, if you are looking for a high end corporate gift with low minimums, consider a BBQ or grill as a suitable gift.  With stock on hand we can also turn them around in a rush.