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Using Online Stores to Take Advantage of Viral Incidents

This past weekend 4 Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia was the center of a media frenzy when they hosted a delegation of republican politicians for a press conference that was supposed to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel (allegedly).  I know what you are thinking, what does this have to do with promotional items?  EVERYTHING.  Four Seasons Total Landscaping launched an online merchandise shop where they are selling t-shirts and stickers.  Nothing Cheesy or political, just stickers and shirts promoting their business.  I have seen a tonne of people from Edmonton take advantage of the store and buy items to commemorate this weird occasion.

The part that I liked the most about this PR fiasco is that Four Seasons Total Landscaping made a statement that their store was being overwhelmed with orders and that they appreciated everyone’s patience because they wanted to send the business to the company that has always done their t-shirts, not just some slick ecommerce company.  Talk about paying it forward!

If you are interested in buying a shirt, you can check it out here:

We have spent much of the last year optimizing making online stores for many of our customers, so it’s nice to see a store like this getting national news attention.  Now we will just sit back and wait for one of our customers to be front and center of a media conspiracy.